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In many countries, Apple has a web page that lets you check iPhone availability at your local Apple Store. If you find a store with the model you want in-stock, you can reserve your iPhone online, then walk in and buy it. Apple's reserve page is a good start, but does require a few clicks to see if one model of iPhone is in-stock at one store. Plus, if that store doesn't have your model of iPhone at the moment, you have to keep checking.

Fewer clicks

We made www.applestoreinventory.com to save time and hassle. Just visit the in-stock page, and we'll show you a real-time list of available models in five Apple Stores nearest you. See your model in-stock? Click the Reserve button to visit Apple's reserve page. Then click the Car button to get driving directions.

No stock?

No problem, just use our real-time notification service. Here you can select your iPhone model and an Apple Store near you. When we detect availability of your iPhone, we will send you an email—instantly. Click the link to Reserve online, then walk in to the Apple Store to pick it up.

One more thing...

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